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What is "Hanging Weight" of Grassfed Beef??

Have you ever heard the term "hanging weight" when talking about investing in bulk quantities beef from a local farm?

You may have even heard it from me. I try to mention this to customers because it is where you can receive the best value your dollar. Even though this is not listed as an option on our website we still do a majority of our business through custom orders sold by the hanging weight. Let's walk through the process and see if this is something you or your family would be interested in.
First, hanging weight simply means the weight of a carcass while dry aging in the cooler. Basically all the meat, bones, and fat. At this point the animal is split in half, you may have heard the term a side of beef. A quarter of beef is then a side, divided in half again. (A quarter beef is the smallest order that can be placed when purchasing by the hanging weight.) When making actual cuts of beef (steaks, roasts,burger, ect.) excess fat and bone will be trimmed away.  Typically your take home meat is 55% of the hanging weight.
*150# hanging weight x 55% = 82.5# take home product*
This will vary slightly depending on the animal and the types of cuts that you choose.
We call this a Custom Order because you get to choose how the animal is broke apart. Maybe all you want is ground beef and steaks but no roasts, that is all up to you. (Sorry, beef cannot be cut as steaks only!) We use the nearest USDA inspected processor to us which is Lake Haven Meats, a small scale family run operation. They have an online cut sheet to assist in the process and they are always willing to help over the phone. 
Once the order is ready to go it can be picked up directly from Lake Haven during business hours. Everything will be vacuum sealed, boxed and frozen. I will be in contact with you through the process for any assistance. You will have the total bill before pickup time and a check can be left with Lake Haven Meats.
If this sounds overwhelming to you I would still encourage you to give it a try. I believe after the first time it'll become a breeze. However if this is not of interest, no problem, you can still always choose a pre-made package right here!

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