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Into The Point

Last night, we brought the family for an evening walk into "The Point".

 kids by truck

The Point is a Helstrom Farm landmark where our river makes a loop and surrounds the land on three sides. The kids, same as myself and the children of my ancestors, love to escape the confines of the yard, cross the field and go exploring through this park-like area. Every time we make this short march, they always find something new and exciting. The (slightly) older kids found a fallen tree to practice their balance beam skills while some of the others rummaged through the sticks to find the perfect shaped boat or animal or whatever else their imagination could think up. I love that the kids can find joy in such simple things. When it was time to head back to the house, the race was on for Kaleb, Aaliyah, Olivia, and Kalven. Alyssa tried to keep up but her little legs could not match her will for speed and she spent more time tumbling and getting back up again. None the less, she was all smiles and giggles the whole time. Observing the kids freedom to enjoy these natural open spaces made me say, "I would never want to raise a family anywhere else." This has been a wonderful spring. Even in the wooded area there was not a trace of snow. It’s hard to believe that not too many years ago, snowmobilers navigated the twists and turns of the frozen river. I'm fully aware that another snow fall may still arrive to remind us that we do live in northern Minnesota. As for now, I’ll enjoy my daily Helstrom Farm duties in the warm April sunshine.   -   April 13, 2017