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Cattle, Climate & Carbon

Cows can be raised in a manner that is environmentally friendly and regenerative to the land. This system uses all natural grasses, non-gmo organic products, and excellent management. Pair this with being in-sync with nature and you get a truly sustainable farm.


Have you ever heard someone say "Cows are destroying the planet"? 

I've been hearing this more and more. My first reaction as a beef producer was to become upset and defensive. I'd tell myself "This has to be conspired by someone or something with a hidden agenda. Probably the chicken or hog industry!" Then I began hearing the argument that grass fed beef was just as much a culprit as feedlot beef. Unbelievable! "The turkey industry must be joining the assault!"

Is Carbon always bad?

All joking aside I tried to keep an open mind, lower my defenses and give this issue some thought. - Ok. Cattle, same as humans and every other living creature that releases gas in the form of methane. Methane consists of hydrogen and carbon. Carbon released into the atmosphere is considered a harmful greenhouse gas. But if I remember correctly from my primary science classes, carbon is the building block of life, essential to survival. (check out So why is something so vital being touted as harmful? And how does grass fed beef fit into the mix?

How grass fed beef can rejuvinate farmland

My observations lead me to the conclusion that it all comes down to pasture management. Cattle that are allowed to nibble grass down so low that the pasture looks like a putting green can still be called grass fed, however, it does not sustain a healthy ecosystem! Here at Helstrom Farms we do things differently. Cattle are rotated so that grass is always in a natural growth stage. Healthy green growing grass immediately uses the atomospheric carbon through photosynthesis and pumps it back into the soil where it belongs. In return, growing plants supply the atmosphere with fresh oxygen. What a perfect and simple system. Plus, we recieve the healthiest animals and most flavorful beef in the process.

Let's get cattle out of feedlots and back onto properly managed land like nature intended. It's best for the land, humane for the animals and fabulous for your health. Plus we can all enjoy our juicy steaks utterly guilt free.   -   May 15, 2017