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Begining of life for Pasture Raised Chickens

At Helstrom Farms we are constantly reminded of our history, from our 100 year old hand-hewn log barn to the gaint oak tree planted by our grandfather.

However, it is always fun to have something new around. You would be hard pressed to find anything newer than these sweet little fluff balls. Arriving to the farm at just one day old, we have our first batch of baby chicks.
 They are cute, spirited, and have as much energy as a toddler. Even though these little birds are quite spunky, they are still suprisingly fragile. Upon arrival, we can't just let them out of the box and hope that they will find the water. Each chick is individually taken out and personally shown to the waterer. After a drink, they are ready to explore their new suroundings, eat some food, and de-stress after the long day of travel.
 To keep our baby chicks happy and thriving, it is crucial to have a  warm, cozy, healthy enviroment. We add a fresh bedding of pine shavings daily and have heat lamps on day and night for the first three weeks.

Happy ending for Pasture Raised Chickens

I am always amazed how quickly the chicks begin to change. Their yellow gradually fades and white feathers begin to fill in. At this point their plummage is getting heavy enough to sustain a steady temperature and they will be all set to exit the brooder, making way for the next batch of babies.
 Next adventure for these birds will be our mobile chicken tractors. They will enjoy the rest of there life here, picking and scratching in the green grass until they become 4-5 lb.pasture raised chickens!