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Winter Feed for Grassfed Beef

Summer time at the farm also means haying season.

While we allow our cattle to graze as long as possible,  high quality hay is still needed through the  harsh Northern Minnesota winters.  Our hay making operation is blessed with many family members willing to lend a hand. It is not umcommon to see three generations working together out in the fields. Often times a fourth generation will show up along with a quick picnic. It may sound miniscule but this quick meal and time spent with family is much needed. With a rejuvinated mind and body, it's time to get back to work.  This year has been a slight challenge. While much of the midwest this year is dealing with severe drought, my heart goes out to you folks, we can't seem to get the sprinklers to turn off. Actually, this is a wonderful problem to have. The native cool season grasses in our climate grow quite well with plenty of moisture.  All we can do is live by the famous idiom, make hay while the sun shines.

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