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Environmental Responsibility

Our farming practices build a sustainable ecosystem. 
Medication and Hormone-Free Feeding:

While many farms are using chemicals, fillers, and even candy and processed food scraps to feed their cattle, Helstrom Farms is committed to sustainable True North Woods Organic* Farming Practices. By using no pesticides or growth hormones in our plants or feedings, we are not introducing anything foreign into the ecosystem. Animals are eating organically grown food with no unnatural supplements or artificial additives.

 *True North Woods Organic® is not affiliated with the ‘Certified Organic’ label 


In addition to the benefits of mob grazing for the cattle and the grass that they eat, mob-grazing also produces tremendous results for soil and the sustainability of new growth. It’s practice has actually been used by the EPA to restore land that was not sustaining growth ( 

Rather than allowing cattle to eat grass down to the soil (and thus weakening the root and reed and ultimately killing the plant), mob-grazing keeps the cows eating off tall stalks of grass and keeps the root systems intact. This cuts down on erosion, restores previously damaged land (damaged from over-harvesting, fires, drought, or mining), and builds up an ecosystem of worms, bugs, and other small life.

By managing where and when cattle graze on the land, the processes of nature are sustained and the ecosystem thrives. 

True Organic

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