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Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Prep Time 10 mins
Resting Time 5 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Servings 4


  • 1-2 Pound Grass Fed Tenderloin Tip Roast
  • 1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
  • 1/4 cup Cilantro
  • 1-2 cloves Minced Garlic
  • 2 tsp Thyme Leaves
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil


  • Coat the roast with a thin layer of dijon mustard.
  • Season with sea salt, pepper, thyme, garlic, and fresh chopped cilantro. Press seasonings into meat.
  • Heat olive oil to high in a pan (I love cast iron). For a rare done-ness, sear for 6 minutes turning to get all sides.
    *Bake in oven at 375 for a few extra minutes to get med-rare finish.*
  • Remove from pan, cover in tin foil, and let it rest for 5 minutes
  • Thinly slice the meat against the grain.
  • Serve with your favorite side dish.