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 Wintering Beef Cattle in Minnesota

With winter quickly approching a question I often get asked is, "Where do the cows go?" This I know from experience is a very loaded question.

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The Patience of A Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Patience, Webster’s defines as; the capacity to accept or tolerate, delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. 

Sitting back and watching Mike and Jason manuever cattle in a sorting pen makes you really appreciate the patience and diligence they have with these animals.

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Lessons Learned in Pasture Raised Chickens

Six years of producing pasture raised chicken for sale and we are still learning.

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Morning Show

Sustainable Beef: Mob Grazing at Helstrom Farms in Hibbing

Listen Here: 91.7 KAXE/90.5 KBXE Morning Show

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Winter Feed for Grassfed Beef

Summer time at the farm also means haying season.

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Chicks Have Arrived!!

At Helstrom Farms we are constantly reminded of our history, from our 100 year old hand-hewn log barn to the gaint oak tree planted by our grandfather.

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Cattle, Climate & Carbon

Have you ever heard someone say "Cows are destroying the planet"?

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Into The Point

Last night, we brought the family for an evening walk into "The Point".

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