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 Healthy Soil Equals Healthy Beef

Bird Friendly Beef

Bird-Friendly Beef

At Helstrom Farms we take our environmental management and land stewardship seriously. Proper land management has proven beneficial not just to our livestock but also to wildlife. One of the most noticeable changes has been the abundance of our feathered friends!

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Beef Recall

Grass-Fed Beef Lowers E-coli Health Risk

E-coli has become known as a risky even deadly term throughout the entire food industry. Grass-fed beef has been proven to be much safer than conventional beef regarding this bacteria. Find out why!

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Helstrom Grill 2 Resized

5 Tips for Grilling Grass-Fed Beef

It's time to drag out the barbeque! Actually I hope its already been fired up a few times this spring. Grilling season is upon us and lets make it a success with these quick tips.

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Pasture Raised Chicken Pens

Housing for Pasture Raised Chickens

Raising chickens on pasture in Minnesota's Northwoods can be challenging at times. There is no shortage of predators, from weasels to wolves as well as hawks and eagles. We are also subjected to some pretty harsh elements.
To keep the poulty safe, happy, and healthy while free-ranging, we use structures called "chicken tractors".

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Grass Fed Beef Cuts

What is "Hanging Weight" of Grass-Fed Beef??

Have you ever heard the term "hanging weight" when talking about buying beef in bulk from a local farm? Learn the ins and outs of  bulk grass-fed beef right here! 

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Healthy Grass Fed Beef

Grass-Fed vs. Grass Finished Beef

At Helstrom Farms we not only want to provide safe and healthy meats, we also want to keep consumers well informed. Beware of grass-fed label claims and be sure you are getting the product you want.  Here is some information to assist in your grass-fed beef purchasing desicion.

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chicken soup canning image

By  Charity Helstrom

Healthy Chicken Soup For Lazy Days

Feeding my family as close to all natural as possible has over the years become one of my main priorities. However, we all have those days when your too exhausted to even think of what to make or just feeling under the weather. In those times I always wish I had something quick and easy, canned soup would be perfect.

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Winter Grazing

 Wintering Grass-Fed Beef Cattle in Minnesota

With winter quickly approching a question I often get asked is, "Where do the cows go?" This I know from experience is a very loaded question. Read on to see how our grass-fed beef handle this Minnesota season.

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The Patience of A Grassfed Beef Farmer

 Proper handling of cattle is essential for raising quality grassfed beef. Calm and peaceful makes low stress and healthy animals. In the ranching world, working slower leads to faster results.

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Chickens Grazing

Lessons Learned in Pasture Raised Chickens

Six years of growing pature raised chickens for sale and we are still learning.

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Morning Show

Sustainable Beef: Mob Grazing at Helstrom Farms in Hibbing, MN

Listen Here: 91.7 KAXE/90.5 KBXE Morning Show

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mn organic hay for beef

MN Hay for Grass Fed Beef

Northeast Minnesota has an incredibly valueable natural resource. I'm not talking about iron ore, timber, or lakes , I'm talking simply grass! Organic, Non-GMO, All-Natural Grass! Here is a quick glimpse of a day turning that grass into hay, winter feed for the grass fed beef.

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Baby Free Range Chickens

Chicks Have Arrived!! First group of Pasture Raised Chickens!

These fragile little creatures need lots of care and attention in their first few days of life. They need a clean, healthy environment to keep optimum health. In just a few weeks they will be strong enough to complete their life as pasture raised chickens. 

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cow on planet

Cattle, Climate & Carbon

Cows can be raised in a manner that is environmentally friendly and regenerative to the land. This system uses all natural grasses, non-gmo organic products, and excellent management. Pair this with being in-sync with nature and you get a truly sustainable farm.

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Into The Point

Last night, we brought the family for an evening walk into "The Point".

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