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Pasture Raised Chickens in Minnesota’s Northwoods

Have you ever taken a bite of store-bought chicken and thought, “Where is the flavor? Why is there no texture?”
Most chickens found in the grocery store are raised in confined environments where they don’t get to see the light of day and exhibit natural behavior.

Pasture Raised Chickens Have More Flavor

God designed chickens to scratch and peck. With their crop and gizzard they are able to process a variety of foods. When exposed to natural conditions they will forage on grass, insects, and seeds. This variety of organic food sources allows the chickens to develop a richer, denser flavor. At Helstrom Farms our chickens get to see the light of day and exhibit these natural behaviors.
We also give them high-quality feed made with non-GMO corn from a local feed mill. Taste the Helstrom Farms difference. Purchase Chicken

Pasture Raised Chickens Have Better Texture

Pasture raised chickens are able to move freely and get plenty of exercise. Similar to us when the birds are more athletic they are able to build muscle tone. This creates a leaner meat that also produces better texture. We feel that this is one of the most noticeable and enjoyable differences between factory farmed poultry and pasture raised poultry.
Although our chickens are sheltered in movable open-air pens called chicken tractors they have a big space relative to the number of birds. Living in Minnesota’s Northwoods this allows us to protect them from a variety of predators. We also move the pens often to ensure a steady supply of organic, natural food. We like to say our chickens are protected free-range birds.
Enjoy the texture of Helstrom Farms protected free-range chickens today. Purchase Chicken

Small-Batch Chicken Processing

We use local small-batch processors to butcher and package our pasture raised chickens. As opposed to large facilities that process tens of thousands of birds in a single day our processors are able to provide a better experience for the bird and, we believe, cleaner meat for you.